"Our Place is Where Old is a Good Thing"

“Our Place is Where Old is a Good Thing”

C&S Antiques Selection

Old lanterns, radios and lunch boxes bring back memories of days past. The there’s some old green glass dishes, which seem to be on every Martha Stewart magazine cover, are FK Jadite dishes. Fenton Carnival glass is also an appealing aspect of the store. Antique books are abundant and beg to be opened. The quilts look like they were made with love and the clothing beckons visitors back to a simpler time. All of this is just on the first floor! The lower level, while not strictly antiques, C & S Antique Mall offers a lot of retro collectibles. Old dolls, toys, Life magazines and LP record albums overflow from each booth.

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Beeswax Polish For Sale Here!

C & S Antique Mall carries Original Beeswax Polish for just $12.95 plus tax!

Original Beeswax Polish for Sale